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About The Knee Exerciser Pro®


Recent Testimonials

  • Testimonials 4
    Testimonials 4

    The Knee EXERCISER was actually created by my good friend who was assisting me with home therapy after a knee replacement procedure. I was facing a 3-week period where I was going to have to try to do the exercises alone. Understanding the exercises and the objectives prescribed by the surgeon,my friend designed and created the first the KneePRO Exerciser. The device allowed me to work, unassisted, on both flexing and extending my knee, needing only the device and a kitchen chair to duplicate the exercises that had previously required help to accomplish. I am a golfer and, thanks to the KneePRO Exerciser, I was able to play again only 6 weeks after surgery! I won't say that knee surgery is a piece of cake but using the KneePRO Exerciser after surgery shortens recovery time and gave my full use of my knee with no recurring problems.

    Jeff Dallas
  • Testimonials 1
    Testimonials 1

    “I underwent Total Knee Replacement and used a CPM(continuous passive motion) machine while in the hospital. They sent me home with the CPM upon discharge. I was spending hours on the machine and didn’t see great improvement for my range of motion. My in home therapist suggested that I try the Knee Exerciser to increase my range of motion. It was easy to set up and highly effective in improving my flexion and extension. I could increase the resistance with the Knee Exerciser as my knee continued to get stronger and my range of motion improved. I recommend the Knee Exerciser because it is effective and also a great value. I could also do my rehabilitation exercises without assistance from anyone and my therapist supported it because of the progress I was making during the days I wasn’t in therapy.”

    Kansas City
  • Testimonials 2
    Testimonials 2

    “I recommend the Knee Exerciser to my patients undergoing a total knee replacement. I recommend it because it’s effective, easy to use, cost-effective and portable. It can be used immediately after a total knee replacements as stand alone therapy or in combination with a CPM machine. I’ve had patients only use the Knee Exerciser after Total Knee Replacement and achieve a great outcome regaining their range of motion and increasing their strength. I often instruct patients to use it at home during the days they don’t come to my clinic since it’s easy to use the Knee Exerciser by unassisted.”

    Physical Therapist Michigan
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